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Really Cool Flying….Thingy

Check this out: ….Created by engineers at Festo in Esslingen, Germany, the floating band filled with helium takes on different shapes while expanding and contracting to generate thrust and move through the air. The design is based on the inverted … Continue reading

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World Record Rube Goldberg Machine

I’m glad they didn’t call it a “world record multi-step machine”: With 300 steps, this is in-fact a world breaking machine. Impressive stuff. But if I were forced to give a criticism (and being a great connoisseur of Rube Goldberg … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Government, Left or Right?

There has been some talk lately about what side of the political spectrum   Panem (the fictional country and government in Hunger Games) falls on.  To waste my own, and possible your time, I am going to try to answer this … Continue reading

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