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The Six “Killer Apps” of Prosperity

Niall Ferguson talks at TED about the six “killer apps” that cause a society to be successful. That is, the factors that distinguish successful societies from unsuccessful ones. The apps are as follows: 1. Competition 2. Scientific Revolution 3. Property … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder What a Police-State Would Feel Like?

Warning: some might find this disturbing. I found this via Carpe Diem. It might be a little unclear by watching the video, but the SWAT team killed one family dog, and injured the other; in the end, they found a … Continue reading

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Policing For Profit

I admit I didn’t know this was a problem: Incentives are everything.

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‘The Morality of Hair’ is Silly and Destructive

First off: I believe there are objective standards of morality (derived from reality by consciousness, not embedded outside – or independent of – the mind); this is an extension of my beliefs that a non-contradictory reality exists, that the human … Continue reading

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On Intellectual Property

Properly defining the concepts that you are talking about is crucial when writing non-fiction; it is also especially important in public debate. Too often people are arguing past each other because of misunderstandings in the other’s argument  Such misunderstandings are rampant in … Continue reading

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